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Russell Gallman - Certified Piano Technician

Action Reconditioning & Restoration

(770) 570-0356

Should I buy a new piano or make the one I have keep going?

As Russell's business model evolved over the years, his emphasis and focus centered on the General Services lane to include: Tuning (Residential and Institutional), General Repairs (on-site), Cleaning & Detailing Services, Humidity Control Units & Installation, and Basic Voicing Concerns.  Although his training at the University of Western Ontario covered and included advanced Action Reconditioning and Restoration, one requires considerable shop space, and the addition of special tools and equipment, along with additional hands and employees to pursue.  Russell always wanted to keep his operation small and at a one-man, self-employed level.  Hence, he now points this level of service to
Piano Works in Duluth.  They provide artisan level rebuilding and restoration services, and have decades of knowledge in this area.  For reliable information and quotes, reach out to Sam Bennett at 770.623.0683.  You will be in top notch hands.

(770) 570-0356