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Dear Valued Customer -


As Americans we have been annoyed by an endless stream of advertising.  "Buy this.  Buy that."  We've had to learn to filter things just to protect our own sacred space.  I choose not to employ hard-sell, intrusive tactics.  The function and purpose of this letter is to provide you a safe introduction to a product for your piano that effectively does a specific job - maintaining a micro climate of humidity inside your piano.

My reputation as a tuner is contingent upon the longevity of tunings that I leave in the customer's home.  There are many reasons why a piano goes out of tune.  The following are sample issues:

    1. New piano wire has a lot of stretch capacity that must stabilize.
    2. Tuning pins become loose (especially during the colder seasons).
    3. Wood components are not cut and cured proper during the manufacturing process.
    4. Glue joint failures compromise the structure of the piano.
    5. Worn hammers create excess stress on strings.
    6. The engineering and design may not have been given ample attention.
    7. The tuner can misread the way a piano is rendering.


However, the greatest issue facing piano piano owners in our region of the country is humidity.  Even though your piano is not alive in the sense of being a form of consciousness, it is alive nonetheless.  It may be sitting stationary in your living room, but it IS storing energy in the range of 30,000 pounds even as you read this letter.  In addition, wood breathes.  During the summer months, the wood in your piano breathes in the moisture being carried in the atmosphere and stores it in its cells.  Conversely, the winter months bring drier, colder are.  Hence, your piano releases the water that it had stored just days/months prior.

For owners and musicians like yourself, a piano that holds its tuning is a joy to play and is more frequently used.  That's why I strongly advise customers to take a look at the Piano Life Saver system manufactured by Dampp-Chaser Corporation.  It is a computer controlled device that does a very specific and effective job of creating a micro climate inside your piano.  Once installed and properly maintained, the system keeps the relative humidity inside the piano at a constant 45% to 47%.  By reducing the impact of seasonal changes, your piano's soundboard will be more stable.  The piano's tunings will have greater longevity and possible repair costs may be avoided.

I encourage you to visit their website at for an informative look into a product that delivers. If you would like to review a free color brochure and a technical bulletin about this product in the quiet of your home, feel free to contact me.  Thank you for allowing me to assist in covering your needs.


Your piano tuner,

Russell Gallman

University Trained and Certified

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